Monday, December 23, 2013

Cancelled Triathlon Organized by BoneIslandTri is Back

BoneIslandTri organized a race then canceled the full race due to financial problems. However, athletes went online to express their dissappointment and disgust, now it seems the scheduled race is back on. It is set on Januaray 25, 2013 in Key West. It is a 140.6-mile race.

The organizer announced last Thursday on their Facebook page that they have not attracted enough athletes for the race and that they are canceling the full race and moving it to July 2015.

"BoneIslandTri will still move the 2015 date to July as we have had a difficult financial loss trying to create an event in January for full athletes."

On their website, they have announced that the full distance event is re-instated:

"The BoneIslandTri Full-Distance event will still be held this January 25, 2013.  We will be making changes to the course to keep both events for all athletes. Thank you for all of your comments and feedback."

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