Saturday, October 12, 2013

Insurance for Triathletes


Triathlon is an extreme sport that can take a lot from the athletes and it is done outdoors where a lot of things can happen like accidents. In events like this, insurance are important not just for the organizers but also the athletes participating in the event.

If you are a triathlete and you got injured in an event that is sanctioned by the USA Triathlon, you are covered by their insurance that can help you with the expenses.

You can simply apply for the USAT Excess Medical Coverage, this means you are eligible to submit claims that are over and above what your own medical insurance covers. A deductible does apply for this excess coverage.

Follow these steps if you wish to file a claim:
    1. Complete the USAT Medical Claim form.  The race director can provide the form or email for one.
    2. Follow the directions on the second page of the USAT Medical Claim form carefully.  Submit the requested information to the address.

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Click Here -  for information on filing claims online

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